Wedding Hire

At Prestige Supercar we believe that turning up at your wedding destination in our chauffeur driven Vintage Classic Beauford will provide you with the ultimate, never to be forgotten memories on your wedding

And after the ceremony you and your partner will be driven off to your next destination in style with this amazing open top wedding car. It makes great pictures of your day to capture the special moment…

Prestige Supercar Wedding Experience
If you want to arrive in style and make a jaw dropping, head turning, amazing entrance then get in touch because we also offer the ultimate NASCAR Race Mustang GT that has the mighty roar of its V8 Race engine…

Your wedding album will be full of amazing pictures that all your family and friends will want to be part of. We can even provide Supercar experiences for other wedding guests as a treat on your special day, subject to time and distance…

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Birthday Surprise

A birthday is one of the key times of the year where you can spoil your friends or family by showing your appreciation and affection, helping to make their day something to remember. And what better way to make that day memorable than by inviting Prestige Supercar to turn up at their home or place of work and take them out for a supercar experience.

They’ll be the envy of their neighbours and friends as they’re driven off in this beautiful Maserati Granturismo or Race Mustang GT for a great experience. The amazing roar of the awe inspiring, iconic 405 HP 4.2 litre V8 engine will ensure this is one birthday treat that they will never forget, especially as it will generate lasting memories with cool pictures taken of the day.

This experience, can be enjoyed by young and old alike and we have generated great memories and smiles from people aged 10 years old (accompanied by an adult) right up to 90 year old daredevils. The one thing they all now have in common is lasting memories (and photographs) of their special trip, making their special day that extra bit special.

We are fully trained professional drivers and safety is our first concern. There is no need to drive fast to sample the best Supercar drive and sound on the road today.

If you want to experience a drive in this Italian motoring icon or American Race NASCAR Mustang, then get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Prestige Supercar Special Occasion Surprise
Why not treat your parents on Fathers day or Mothers day with this unique gift experience that they will never forget.

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Special Events

Want to make a massive impression at your next event or exhibition, then you need to speak to Prestige Supercar. We work with businesses that want to move away from the “me too’ approach of promoting their products and services.

We offer a unique edge where you can use our great event cars to pull visitors to your stand or event allowing your sales staff to engage them in conversion.

Prestige Supercar will attend your event or exhibition and park this most talked about Italian supercar at your stand for maximum, crowd-pulling effect. This has proven to be one of the best ways to wow a passing crowd and encourage them to stop and take note of your stand.

It’s a great ice-breaker and talking point and a fantastic way to allow your staff to engage with those visitors and promote your company products or services. It’s all about engaging with people via the supercar.

We have attended events at a variety of venues from schools to large exhibition halls and have consistently wowed the crowd and pulled in visitors to our clients stand. In a time when everyone strives to be different and stand out from the crowd, our supercar offers that unique opportunity.

Prestige Supercar has worked with a number of high profile individuals, businesses and celebrities who understand the importance of a professional brand presence.

Prestige Supercar Special Events
Give your event or exhibition that special differentiator and stand out above the crowd. We will certainly help attract visitors to your stand or event and you will be the talking point on the day.

We can also help promote your business having your company brand on the car.

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Charity Sponsorship

There has never been a better time to donate your services towards a good cause. At Prestige supercar we work closely with several charities to provide an exhilarating experience for children and adults who are terminally ill.

We work with Children’s Hospiscare Southwest and Hospices around South Devon to help create lasting memories for individuals by offering the chance of a FREE supercar experience.

Other charities we support include the RNLI and we work in conjunction with local businesses to help generate sponsorship money to give back into the community. We have also partnered with many celebrities who have offered their individual support to make these charity events that little bit extra special. Bringing people together is a great feeling.

If you have a large, upcoming charity event, get in touch and we can discuss whether Prestige Supercar can help you with sponsorship awareness or gift donations.

Prestige Supercar Charity Sponsorship
Giving time to support others is what life is all about, we help create memories that are everlasting and rewarding because helping others is a unique gift.

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Promote Your Brand

We work closely with many large corporates who are always looking at different approaches to advertising. We are offering exclusive deals for companies to promote their brand profile on the side of our supercar via large removable magnetic banners, this is a great way to tailor your weekly, monthly or quarterly campaigns.

The interest businesses are showing in Prestige Supercar was recently featured on BBC Radio Devon where the unique opportunities to advertise local brands on the side of this iconic supercar were discussed and explored.

We only promote one company brand at any one time because we want to provide exclusivity for that company brand to enable it to stand out and be seen as well as heard.

Promote your brand the supercar way and get people talking about your image on this most talked about supercar. How cool does that sound…

Prestige Supercar Brand Promotion
Create maximum impact for your brand. We are the most unique advertising board you have ever seen and Prestige Supercar attracts attention wherever we go. Get in touch.

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