Supercar for Super Students

Supercar for Super Students

Students at Business Academy Catherine & Lucy are super excited to be given the opportunity to work with us to understand our business and offer marketing support towards research for their business academy final grades. This is an amazing opportunity because I love creating innovative businesses that are different and it makes what we do more exciting.

When I met with them both and explain how the business was created and the reason why I decided to launch the great idea they were so excited to want to offer their ideas. This is truly amazing because I love business and also sharing my ideas with others is a great way to help and show them how to turn ideas in reality.

They will be working with Prestigesupercar because this is an excited project and one they are very enthusiast with ideas to add to the existing business development portfolio. During the next 6 months together we will create new and exciting opportunities because in the world of business, if you make it fun it opens other hidden opportunities that brings a different edge to growth.

The Business Academy is an amazing place where businesses can speak to students and offer support with all business sectors. We fully support them because of all their amazing efforts and work from the team organisers makes this a success story at South Devon College.

This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

Super Students From South Devon College are exciting to show how they can add value towards Prestigesupercar and work on one of the most exciting project throughout the year. We are exciting to offer Catherine and Lucy the opportunity as I know it will be a fun journey and one they will embrace and make into a great success story for them both.

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