Making BBC Radio

Making BBC Radio

People are hearing a lot about our great work within the local community and we were contacted by BBC Radio Devon to appear on their Saturday morning show to talk to Kerry white about our offer of the supercar experience.

This was amazing because they loved the supercar and we discussed our offers within the wedding, birthday surprise, events and charity sponsorship packages.

BBC Radio Devon are very supportive and think that our supercar offer is very unique and will certainly make a huge difference towards our chosen sectors where we hire the supercar out.

During the broadcast show we took the radio presenter Kerry out for a quick sample of the car which she absolutely loved but we ran out of time and ran back into the studio to finish off the interview. The overall experience was amazing and its great to work and support other local business because making a difference is what its all about.

BBC Radio Devon think Prestigesupercar is a great idea and can see the driving passion to help others with all their needs with this iconic Italian supercar, Kerry wanted to take it home and park it on her drive but we had another appointment to go to. People love it…

 This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it

BBC Radio Devon are supportive and loved our idea which is great to see so this will help Prestigesupercar to grow and and develop into other exciting markets. I feel what we offer is different and our motive is all about helping the local business community with this most talked about supercar. We make dreams come true towards weddings, birthday, events and charity work.

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