Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, other make it happen…

For years, I have always wanted to create exciting businesses that are different from the rest and generate a great feel good factor. I am a creative brand expert and for the past 15 years have been working on creating successful brand designs for a wide range of local and national accounts within different business sectors.

Success is about life’s journey and everyone has the ability to make a successful path ahead. After my big corporate and brand experience I wanted to be unique and create another business that combines, fun, excitement, noise and one that makes people stop – look – listen.

 That’s where the idea of Prestigesupercar came from.

I wanted a unique business that can be tailored around different uses and from my research, for most people when they see a supercar it’s about both the unique body styling and the amazing sound of the engine.

The super car experience is available in most cities but I wanted to offer the same choice in Devon, hence Prestigesupercar was born a business that is taking its place in the market offering a luxury service right here in Devon taking your wedding or event to the next level.

There are exciting times ahead, with brand awareness being so important how better to raise your profile than having a supercar involved. We look forward to working with people and businesses at events and weddings in the year ahead. If you are looking to give someone that never to be forgotten gift what about a supercar experience, a great way to arrive in style and be noticed.

This is the time to create an exciting business with a difference and Prestigesupercar is the one business that will certainly do that. All I ask is that if your interested to hear more about this amazing journey why not follow and share our story as we have lots of exciting events coming up

 This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

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