WOW! Celebrity style all the way

WOW! Celebrity style all the way

If you want to make an entrance and be noticed then we can help. being a celebrity for a night is what everyone loves and especially in this celebrity supercar by We were asked to take Lucy in “Celebrity Style” to meet her friends at Prestige Cocktail bar.

When we arrived lucy and her friend were amazined over the sound of this Italian supercar and especially how comfortable inside it was. This supercar is one of a kind that seats 4 people in comfort with amazing hand stitched red trim with black leather interior makes any journey an enjoyable one. lucy loved the overall experience and we have offered another experience courtesy of Prestigesupercar.

We offer this unique supercar experience as its one of the only ways to arrive in style and certainly be heard and noticed before you arrive. Every Prestigesupercar booking we are giving a 15min supercar experience to a member of your party so your friends and family can also hear and enjoy this Italian icon.

We love it and so do our amazing friends who hire us to make their entrance a memorable one. It’s all about being a celebrity for a day…

 This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

At Prestigesupercar perfection is at the top of our list because its all about you being seen and making a stir in this Italian icon supercar, Be part of something different – Be Prestigesupercar.

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