Rodeo with Riveria FM Roadshow

Rodeo with Riveria FM Roadshow

Riveria FM were putting together a Christmas roadshow for Torre traders and wanted a way to raise money towards several local charities. Prestigesupercar donated a free supercar experience around torbay on the night to one lucky Child with an adult who bought a charity voucher.

We offered this to help support the event and raise money for a good local causes and of course offer this amazing experience to one very lucky winner. Its amazing to work with people and organizations who want to add value. On the night we had a special guest appearance from an ex factor finalist who sang some amazing songs to the excited crowd and then the special draw was announced. One lucky farther with his daughter had a supercar experience and couldn’t believe the roaring sound of the iconic Maserati Supercar, even the crown were all waiting silently to hear the roar of the engine. It was a little gesture to help people in different ways but they loved it and so did the crowd.

Riveria FM asked Prestigesupercar to help work on other roadshow events as this was something new to add but also very exciting. On the night a lot of people wanted the opportunity to have their picture taken by the supercar because its the only one in Devon of this Spec making a special addition to any event.

This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

If you know any celebrities and have an event that you would like to promote, Prestigesupercar can assist in generating the right image and also work with the celebrity to generate great sponsorship towards your event.

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