Business at Business Academy

Business at Business Academy

We are keen supporters at Business Academy within South Devon College and visited a group of students to talk to them about Prestigesupercar.

We were invited to talk to a group of students so they could understand how business development works so they could work with us to use our business as part of the learning and work experience within their course.

They loved the business and felt that we have something unique to offer the wedding sector as often there is limited ways to arrive in style, now a couple can choose supercar style as a way to arrive. We discussed also our other reasons why Prestigesupercar works and they all understood the great potential we can bring to each of our marketing sectors. They will be conducting some market research to see the best routes to market and will be assessed at the end of the term towards their final grades. We are happy to assist because it all about sharing business experience so students see different routes to market and identify the positive ways to measure success.

When our project was put towards the whole class of students, most of them wanted to work with us because of the exciting new idea and fun business plan but we are only allowed 2-4 students per project. This demonstrates if you create something new and exciting to the market and people will be want to be part of it.

This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

Business Academy at South Devon College is a great way for students to see real businesses first hand and find ways to work with business owners who can add value and great skills within their chosen sector. We support many students as I own a couple of businesses and how you market successful businesses is always changing due to the interaction now with many social media apps available within our daily lifes.

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