Prestigesupercar meets Famous TV presenter

Prestigesupercar meets Famous TV presenter

What a wonderful surprise

we were invited to the Hospiscare monthly meet at one of the most picturesque venues around South Devon, Bovey Castle. The aim was to meet other patrions of the hospiscare and talk about fundraising towards the coming months. It was truly amazing because not only everyone love Prestigesupercar and what we are offering towards the charity sector but Judi Spiers our famous childhood TV presenter was there as one of the event hosts.

We spoke to Judi and her comments were “its truly amazing and generous of your very new way to donate and support this great charity” we mentioned to everyone that we would like to offer to help raise the profile of their invaluable work and offer Supercar Experiences towards their events. The offer will be for certain members within the care to help their journey and bring back that amazing feeling of experiencing one of the loudest supercars on the road today.

They were all touched and wanted to start to discuss about the events coming up towards the coming years. Judi loved the car and also she brought someone very special along “Gus Honeybun” her famous birthday bunny that is renowned when I was younger for reading out birthday wishes. We had some press images in the car but unfortunately Gus Honeybun needed a booster seat so we decided to take a couple of wonderful images for memories of the fun packed morning meet.

This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

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