Special Events

Want to make a massive impression at your next event or exhibition, then you need to speak to Prestige Supercar. We work with businesses that want to move away from the “me too’ approach of promoting their products and services.

We offer a unique edge where you can use our Maserati Granturismo Italian supercar to pull visitors to your stand or event allowing your sales staff to engage them in conversion.

Prestige Supercar will attend your event or exhibition and park this most talked about Italian supercar at your stand for maximum, crowd-pulling effect. This has proven to be one of the best ways to wow a passing crowd and encourage them to stop and take note of your stand.

It’s a great ice-breaker and talking point and a fantastic way to allow your staff to engage with those visitors and promote your company products or services. It’s all about engaging with people via the supercar.

We have attended events at a variety of venues from schools to large exhibition halls and have consistently wowed the crowd and pulled in visitors to our clients stand. In a time when everyone strives to be different and stand out from the crowd, our supercar offers that unique opportunity.

Prestige Supercar has worked with a number of high profile individuals, businesses and celebrities who understand the importance of a professional brand presence.

Prestige Supercar Special Events
Give your event or exhibition that special differentiator and stand out above the crowd. We will certainly help attract visitors to your stand or event and you will be the talking point on the day.

We can also help promote your business having your company brand on the car.

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