Charity Sponsorship

There has never been a better time to donate your services towards a good cause. At Prestige supercar we work closely with several charities to provide an exhilarating experience for children and adults who are terminally ill.

We work with Children’s Hospiscare Southwest and Hospices around South Devon to help create lasting memories for individuals by offering the chance of a FREE race mustang experience.

Other charities we support include the RNLI and we work in conjunction with local businesses to help generate sponsorship money to give back into the community. We have also partnered with many celebrities who have offered their individual support to make these charity events that little bit extra special. Bringing people together is a great feeling.

If you have a large, upcoming charity event, get in touch and we can discuss whether Prestige Supercar can help you with sponsorship awareness or gift donations.

Prestige Supercar Charity Sponsorship
Giving time to support others is what life is all about, we help create memories that are everlasting and rewarding because helping others is a unique gift.

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