Birthday Surprise

A birthday is one of the key times of the year where you can spoil your friends or family by showing your appreciation and affection, helping to make their day something to remember. And what better way to make that day memorable than by inviting Prestige Supercar to turn up at their home or place of work and take them out for a race mustang experience.

They’ll be the envy of their neighbours and friends as they’re driven off in this rare race mustang from Daytona in the ride of a lifetime. The amazing roar of the awe inspiring, iconic V8 engine will ensure this is one birthday treat that they will never forget, especially as it will generate lasting memories with cool pictures taken of the day.

This experience, can be enjoyed by young and old alike and we have generated great memories and smiles from people aged 10 years old (accompanied by an adult) right up to 90 year old daredevils. The one thing they all now have in common is lasting memories (and photographs) of their special trip, making their special day that extra bit special.

We are fully trained professional drivers and safety is our first concern. There is no need to drive fast to sample the best race mustang drive and sound on the road today.

Prestige Supercar Special Occasion Surprise
Why not treat your parents on Fathers day or Mothers day with this unique gift experience that they will never forget.

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