Surprise visit at Children’s Hospice

Surprise visit at Children’s Hospice

Prestigesupercar loves to help and support others so we made a special visit to the children’s hospice South West @ little bridge house in Barnstaple.

We wanted to discuss a unique way to help and support their amazing charity but offer special supercar experience to some of their wonderful children and their families as this will create a lifetime of happy memories together. We wanted to discuss about working to raise money for the hospice and bring those most treasured smiles out and letting them experience the amazing F1 roaring sound this supercar. It’s a complete head turner and especially when your lucky enough to be a passenger inside this refined quality luxurious car.

We are talking about working towards future events to help with promoting their great work and providing something exciting towards their wonderful children and their special familes.

 This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

We help and generate many different reasons why what we do makes a massive different towards peoples lives because its unique and an experience people will not forget for a long time. Life is about making memories and we are helping with generating great stories for people & children to keep forever.

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