Making the Headline at the Oscars

Making the Headline at the Oscars

It’s not about what you sell but how you generate a theme to draw people towards your stand, so think outside of the box, think about Prestigesupercar

One of the best ways to attract attention at local events is to try something different, that is what will make you stand out from the crowd. We were invited by the local Paper (Herald Express) to support the tourism awards, the theme was all about Hollywood glamour at the Oscars.

What better way to promote their local awards night than have an actual Prestigesupercar parked outside the entrance alongside the red carpet giving both an opulent and ‘Hollywood’ feel.

We were working with the local South Devon paper to theme this exciting event and give people as they were passing by the opportunity to have their photograph taken and uploaded onto social media so their friends and family could enjoy the experience with them.

People loved it and were keen to find out more how we could help at other events. Our offer is completely different because we want what we do to stand out and generate a talking point so people remember.

If you have an event and want to generate a great gathering and talking point, talk to us to find out more.

This is the most talked about supercar around Devon – Be part of it…

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